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About HIM Counseling Services

HIM Counseling Services provide an alternative to traditional face-to-face counseling at a time when traditional methods are inaccessible, inconvenient, or not preferred. These services are conducted via telephone and online.  These forms of counseling may be a useful alternative for people unable to make it to a counselor's office, who live in a remote area, have a disability, have limited time constraints, or would like to get an idea of how counseling works before seeing a counselor face to face.

HIM Counseling offers an alternative method of communicating with a counselor by telephone and email. These forms of counseling can provide an ongoing dialogue between you and your counselor providing support, and over time, offer you an opportunity to share your concerns, ask questions, and possibly gain further insights and understanding into the issues that you are experiencing.

Advantages and Limitations

Telephone and online counseling has both advantages and limitations. Often times distance may prevent people from being able to access a counselor in person. Also, busy and hectic lifestyles may make it difficult to schedule and keep appointments.  Or perhaps you would simply like to see how counseling works before seeing a counselor in person.

One limitation of telephone/online counseling is the absence of a face-to-face relationship where body language and facial expressions can be seen and tone of voice heard. Telephone/online counseling is a rather new method of providing counseling and if you are uncertain, please feel free to seek face-to-face counseling.

HIM Counseling is not psychotherapy but rather pastoral and Christian counseling. It is important to note that telephone/online counseling cannot and is not intended to replace face-to-face counseling. Telephone/online counseling is not a substitute for traditional face-to-face counseling but rather provides an alternative approach.

Also, there are issues not suitable for telephone/online counseling and issues that cannot be resolved without an ongoing therapeutic relationship. Telephone/online counseling does not offer quick fixes and is not suitable for everyone; however, if you are comfortable the use of the telephone and/or with communicating via the internet and e-mail, then this type counseling may be a good place to begin exploring your issues.

Terms and Conditions of this Service


All personal information and correspondence received from you will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed or shared unless legally required. Also, please know that records can be subpoenaed by a court of law. It is also recommended that you protect all your online counseling correspondence on your computer. It is your responsibility to ensure that access to your computer is password protected and any personal information is kept secure. Any counseling correspondence printed out by you should be kept secure and not shared. Also, employers may monitor telephone, internet, and e-mail activity in your place of employment.  

Disclaimer - Please Read Carefully

HIM Counseling and the use of this counseling service is at the clients own risk. This means that you, the user, agree that it is at your own risk. HIM Counseling Service is not responsible for technical problems on the internet, messages accidentally lost or misdirected, internet service providers downtime, or communications intercepted by a third party or hackers. HIM Counseling Service is not responsible for any information that may not be accurate or given to HIM Counseling Services by the user thereby preventing HIM Counseling Services from giving the user utmost effectiveness. While reasonable care is taken; this counseling service does not give a guarantee that the services provided meet your requirements, be error free, or be successful in outcome. This counseling service is not intended to offer crisis intervention or in-depth psychotherapy. HIM Counseling Services or its counselor(s) are not responsible in anyway whatsoever for any decision, action, or inaction made by you as a consequence of consultation(s). This means that your decisions, actions, and/or inactions are solely your responsibility. HIM Counseling Services and its counselor(s) operate within the United States of America and therefore no legal action or personal indemnity whatsoever can be forthcoming from individuals outside of the United States. 

1.      You must be 18 years of age or older.

2.      You agree that in the event of a crisis or an emergency you will not rely solely on HIM Counseling Services and agree to seek help within your local area.

3.      You understand that during the process of counseling, psychological pain and distress can and probably will arise. Especially as difficult issues are addressed and worked through.

4.      You understand that if receiving couple enrichment both parties must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this website.

5.      You understand that this service does not offer clinical assessment, treatment, or crisis intervention.

6.      You understand that an alternative method of contacting clients is required in case of emergency.

7.      You understand the security issues and technical problems that may occur on the internet. This may include but is not limited to messages accidentally lost or misdirected, internet service providers downtime, or communications intercepted by a third party or hackers. Further, HIM Counseling Services are not responsible in any way whatsoever for those incidents mentioned above or the like.

8.  You understand that e-mail correspondence is limited to the character size provided and your correspondence that requires more space than allocated may be continued in the beginning of the next paid e-mail correspondence.

9.  All inquiries are for personal counseling only and are not for conducting research of any kind whatsoever.

10.  You acknowledged and accept that there are mandatory reporting laws. (See below for details)

Mandatory Reporting Laws

Please be advised there are mandatory reporting laws that may apply. Do not expect  immunity or acceptance as I am obligated to report such matters as listed below to the appropriate law enforcement authorities:

  • Child abuse/neglect, child sexual abuse 
  • Suicide
  • Criminal intent
  • Criminal acts
  • Domestic violence
  • Elder abuse

If you are affected by any of the above; if you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or others; if you have done any of these in the past and not received help; then please seek professional help elsewhere immediately. Please do not use this service as it is not suitable for you at this time. 

Emergency Contact Pages

For an emergency within USA Phone 911.

Our Approach to Communications (phone/email)

We will carefully consider your issues and feelings, however, misunderstandings are possible. If a misunderstanding occurs it is important that you let the counselor know in order to clarify our communications. Also, it is important that we both keep communications honest, clear, and free of profanity. If we believe this service is not suitable we will let you know.

Payment Methods

  • All major credit card payments can be made via PayPal online. 
  • Money Order payment can be made via the United States Postal Service. (Please provide a return address or e-mail address)

Counseling Arrangements

To make arrangements for counseling sessions, payments, etc., please contact Dr. Hampton via telephone at 816.261.2399.

Counseling Fees

Since this method of counseling tends to function differently from the typical "45 minute session" - the fee for this service is billed at the rate of $2 per minute and is subject to change without notice.  Current prices are displayed when you enter the PayPal account by clicking the "add to cart" button at the top and bottom of this page.  If you agree with all the above Terms and Conditions of Service and you wish to pursue this service, then simply click the "add to cart" button and continue through this process. When you make this purchase you are, in effect, agreeing with the Terms and Conditions of this service.  Also, when you pay by check or money order you are agreeing  to all the above Terms and Conditions of Service.  There will be no refunds for service.

Once your payment has been approved, please contact Dr. Hampton at 816.261.2399 to make further arrangements for sessions, etc.

 you may mail your payment by Check or Money Order to:

HIM Ministries
Phone: 816.261.2399
Email: DrWade@DrWade.org












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